Who’s Driving The Autonomous Drive Technology Jobs Market?

Indeed’s data does provide an interesting insight into where AVs are being developed, and while some of them are unsurprising some might not be where you expected. Of course the Silicon Valley heartland of San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara California is first, with 31.8% of all job listings, but Pittsburgh, PA and Detroit-Warren-Dearborn put the Rust Belt in second and third place with 14.9% and 16.4% respectively. Then it’s back to California, with San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward in fourth with 9.4% of listings and then another surprise as the Portland, OR area boasts 2.8% of listings, edging out the Boston-Cambridge, MA hub at 2.6%.

It’s no real surprise that autonomous vehicles are mostly being developed on the coasts, with talent pools like the legendary Carnegie Mellon robotics program in what locals affectionately call Roboburgh and the Detroit-area auto industry heartland providing the exceptions.