Key Insights About The U.N.’s New Framework For Globalization Of Self-Driving Cars

Various experts from around the globe are working on the World Forum For Harmonization Of Vehicle Regulations, including representatives from the United States, Japan, European Union (EU), China, and other countries. The World Forum has a subgroup that was formed last year to focus particularly on autonomous related vehicles, a formal body known as the Working Party On Automated/Autonomous And Connected Vehicles (GRVA)…

Here’s the main areas of attention in the U.N. framework:

a. System Safety
b. Failsafe Response
c. Human Machine Interface
d. Object Event Detection and Response (OEDR)
e. Conditions under which the automated system will operate
f. Validation for System Safety
g. Cybersecurity
h. Software Updates
i. Data storage and Event data recorder (EDR)
Keep in mind that this is the initial release of the framework and primarily sets the stage for what will be happening next.