When Street Lights Do More Than Illuminate a City

Syracuse, which announced its plan to purchase and retrofit 18,000 streetlights from the National Grid utility company last year, began the process of retrofitting LED lights and installing light control sensors this month, according to Sam Edelstein, the city’s chief data officer. The sensors will allow city officials to control street lights’ brightness and receive alerts when the lights go out…

But along with the retrofitting process, the city is also examining other types of smart technology that could be attached to the newly acquired utility poles and feed into broader smart technology initiatives.

“As we are deploying this technology, we are doing so to enhance the level of services we are providing,” Walsh said during a presentation last week in Washington, D.C. on the city’s streetlight plan.

Numerous data collection options are under consideration, including sensors that can collect data on weather and road conditions or detect rising flood waters.