11/29 T21 Distinguished Speaker: Robin Chase – HEAVEN OR HELL? WHICH WAY FORWARD WITH SELF-DRIVING CARS?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Noon-1 p.m.
Hamburg Hall A301
Lunch will be provided.

Most of what has been written about self-driving or automated vehicles focuses on subjects like their technical aspects, the regulatory battles to license them, or the fascinating but remote dilemma of a self-driving car being forced to choose between holding its course and hitting grandma, or swerving into a troop of boy scouts. There’s relatively little discussion of the speed and scope of change, the impacts that go well beyond the auto industry, or the roadmap to unlocking the enormous upside potential if we actively guide the trajectory of their adoption. We’re at a fork on that roadmap. One direction leads to a productive new century where cities are more sustainable, livable, equitable, and just. But if we take the wrong turn, we’re at a dead end.