Qualcomm, Ford, Panasonic Team To Test C-V2X In Colorado

The new trial deployment will take place in designated roadways throughout Panasonic’s CityNOW headquarters in Denver before the system will be rolled out in select locations along the I-70 Mountain Corridor area later this year. The tie-up builds upon Pansonic’s existing partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). As part of the alliance, Panasonic has tapped the help of external companies such as Kapsch TrafficCom and Ficosa to assist in the deployment. Kapsch TrafficCom for its part will supply the roadside units to CDOT’s V2X development program and Ficosa will provide the C-V2X onboard units. CDOT will also incorporate C-V2X devices powered by Ficosa’s CarCom platform into its current fleet of Ford cars, enabling those vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructures. Panasonic’s connected vehicle data platform will then work to transmit C-V2X data to roadway operators, which in turn will send safety information directly to vehicles.