UTC Spin-off company, RoadBotics has raised $3.9M in its series seed round of financing

November 16th, 2018

UTC Spin-off company, RoadBotics, developer of advanced computer vision technology for inspecting roads and infrastructure, has raised $3.9M in its series seed round of financing, led by Boston-based Hyperplane Venture Capital. The capital will help the company revolutionize the way engineering firms, local governments and municipalities manage and maintain roadways and other infrastructure. RoadBotics, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is a rapidly-growing two-year-old company that uses deep learning to assess roadways for 78 cities, towns and counties across the US and Australia. The company emerged from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in December 2016 and grew out of Carnegie Mellon’s extensive research in autonomous vehicles. Read more here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/roadbotics-secures-3-9m-to-transform-road-management-300750045.html.


Mobility21 Exec. Director Gives Lecture at Osher

November 15th, 2018

November 15, 2018

Mobility21 Executive Director Stan Caldwell provided a guest lecture at the Urban Planning Choices course of the Carnegie Mellon University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.   He presented Mobility21 research and highlighted the policy implications of new technologies disrupting transportation and urban planning.

Traffic21 Director Chris Hendrickson Presents at CMU Transportation Energy Monthly Lunch

November 8th, 2018

November 8, 2018

Traffic21 Director, Chris Hendrickson and Rick Grahn from the Mobility Data Analytics Center Rick Grahn presented a talk for discussion titled “Travel Behavioral Trends in the United States: Evidence from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey. “

USDOT Shines Its “Spotlight” on Mobility21 UTC

November 6th, 2018

#AmazingUTCs Spotlight shines on @CarnegieMellon @Traffic21CMU @Mobility21 and the Surtrac – smart adaptive traffic signal system. https://www.transportation.gov/utc/surtrac-people-upgrading-surtrac-pittsburgh-deployment-incorporate-pedestrian-friendly … 


Traffic21 Director, Chris Hendrickson, Presents to NAIOP

November 5th, 2018

November 5, 2018

Chris Hendrickson presented Traffic21 research to NAIOP, Commercial Real Estate Development Association Nashville Chapter during their visit to Carnegie Mellon University.


Traffic21 Spin-Off is Tied to Smart City Award in Alabama

November 2nd, 2018

Mobility21 faculty Christopher Mertz was a driving force in Montgomery, Alabama being recognized nationally as one of the most technologically advanced cities in the country. The City of Montgomery was awarded the 2018 Digital Cities Survey from the Center for Digital Government. This was due in large part to a Mertz’s company RoadBotics. RoadBotics is a Traffic21 spin-out founded by Professor Mertz, which analyzes roads around the world to give cities deep insight into the condition of their paved roads.

Read more about Montgomery’s Smart City Award


Smart Mobility Connection Featuring Ding Zhao

November 2nd, 2018

November 2, 2018

The Smart Mobility Connection Series featured Ding Zhao, Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering with affiliation positions at the Robotic Institute and the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation at the Carnegie Mellon University for his talk titled “Safe AI – One of the Last Pieces of the Puzzle for the Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles.” The talk dove into the topic of the autonomous vehicles boom in the last few years. Astronomical amount of money has been invested in the field abruptly and companies are eager or forced to announce their mass production plans. However, recent crashes pose concerns regarding their safety when operating in a mixed traffic with human road users. AI, by nature, could be smart, thanks to ever-growing training datasets and computational power, but not necessarily safe or reliable due to its complex and nonparametric structure — learn more by watching full lecture.

Mobility21 Elsie Hillman Honors Scholar, Teresa Leatherow, wins first prize for poster

November 2nd, 2018

Mobility21 Elsie Hillman Honors Scholar, Teresa Leatherow, won first prize for her poster at the 2018 Supply Chain Management Symposium.  Her poster titled “Automation and Long-haul Trucking: Challenges and Opportunities for Logistics Solutions Providers in the Digital Age” described the purpose of this research is to understand the ways in which autonomous vehicles will impact areas of efficiency, suitability, and affordability of transportation and logistics solution providers.

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